Quiz: Test your knowledge of the ANC’s national conference

December 20, 2017

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Who is the new president of the ANC?
By how many votes did Ace Magashule beat Senzo Mchunu to become the new secretary general of the ANC?
Who said that South Africans should forgive state capture like they forgave apartheid?
How many delegates were eligible to vote in the election for the new president of the ANC?
What announcement was made on the eve of the conference by President Jacob Zuma
How many national conferences have the ANC held?
From which province is the new deputy president of the ANC?
Who is the only woman who made it into the ANC's new top 6?
Where was the previous national conference of the ANC held?
By what percentage did the Rand strengthen immediately after the announcement of Ramaphosa's win?

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